Andrzej Wojtczak

Born: Kutno (Poland) 1950.

Wojczak was born into a working-class family. After technical training, he became a mechanic/locksmith. He started carving wooden sculptures in 1974 and developed such qualities that he was able to end his work in the factory ten years later, after which he could earn a living as an artist. Won many first prizes at competitions and was awarded several times. His works have been purchased by museums in Poland and Germany and by private collectors.

Title: Seduction in paradise 1989.
Wooden sculpture 21 cm.

Title: Pious non 1989?
Wooden sculpture 25 cm.

Title: Christ in distress 1989?
Wooden sculpture 25,5 cm.

Fragments from the film Die Holzschnitzer von Kutno (German language 1 minute).