Tadeusz Kacalak

Born: Kutno (Poland) 1952.

Photo by: Willem Otten 1983.

Worked as a hairdresser in a small hair salon called ‘Under the clock’ in the center of Kutno. As a hobby he made naive paintings and wooden folk art sculptures that enlivened the hair salon. He married in 1973, after which the couple lived with his wife Maria’s parents for 6 years.

In 1975 he won first prize with his sculptures during a competition in the city museum. With two other participants – Antoni Kaminski and Andrzej Wojtczak – he later founded the Chamber of Popular Creativity in Kutno, after which Kutno grew into the nucleus of Polish folk art.

In 1985, Kacalak quit his job as a hairdresser and chose a career as a sculptor (and later founded his own gallery). He rented studio space from the couple Eugenia and Jerzy Skibinski and their daughter Małgorzata to whom he passed on his passion and skills for sculpture and who later developed into excellent artists.Kacalak has won many prizes, he had exhibitions in Poland, Germany and the United States and his work is represented in various museums and important private collections.

Title: Pious queen 1983?
Wooden sculpture 31 cm.

Title: Laundry day 1983?
Wooden sculpture 31 cm.

Title: Market visit 1983?
Wooden sculpture 29 cm.

Title: Churning peasant woman 1982?
Wooden sculpture 28 cm.

Title: Priest.
Wooden sculpture 31 cm.

Title: Cooper 1982.
Wooden sculpture 21 cm.

Title: Grandmother and granddaughter 1982?
Wooden sculpture 19,5 cm.

Title: Peasant woman with duck 1981.
Wooden sculpture 17 cm.

Title: Shepherd 1980.
Wooden sculpture 28 cm.

Title: Saint Isidore 1980? (Collection Maciej Balcerak)
Wooden sculpture 100,5 cm.

Title: Peasant woman with duck.
Wooden sculpture 30,5 cm.
Devil 198?
Wooden 14,5 cm.
Title: Marriage in Kutno 198?
Wooden sculpture 76×48 cm.
Title: Marriage reception 1983.
Oilpaint on cardboard 46×53 cm.