Jaroslaw Furgala

Born: Lubaczów (Poland) 1919.
Passed away: Brzeg (Poland) 2019.

Furgała – a teacher’s son – was during the second world war imprisoned by the Russians. ln exchange for cigarettes and extra food he produced wooden toys for them. After the war he worked as a tractor driver, accountant and concierge. In 1966 he started artistic woodcarving and participated in a large number of competitions from 1973 onwards. His works are present in many museums and private collections.

Title: Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden 1986.
Wooden relief sculpture 42×38 cm.

Title: Moses rescued from the Nile by Princess Nifertiti 1987.
Wooden relief sculpture 42×38 cm.

Title: Jan Sobieski near Vienna in 1683.
Wooden sculpture 96 cm.